Did Someone Say Pork? MaRoo

For some reason sushi sounded like a #winner today.  So I had one speed on my way to lunch: Go!!

Around the corner from my office is MaRoo.  I’ve been to MaRoo before so I decided to pop in.  MaRoo specializes in Japanese and Korean and is located in the Pavillion West Shopping Center at 2075 W. Bullard Ave, Fresno.

Now you’re probably wondering what pork has to do with sushi.  Well nothing really.  It was their special board when I walked up and I’m a sucker for pork.  On special was a dish called Spicy Pork Bul Go Gi (check out what it is here).  So for $7.50 I got my sushi fix and pork.  Let’s do this.

You could never tell this was sliced pork shoulder because it was so tender and the staff did a nice job of trimming the fat.  Typically the shoulder requires some lovin to get it just right.  The sauce was fairly spicy but I think the average joe could handle it.  I would have preferred it been placed directly on top of the rice but what the heck it didn’t hold me back.  The salad was fresh with a nice vinaigrette.  The tofu stick tasted like um tofu?  Pretty bland but I’m not a tofu fan so many would probably enjoy it.  It was properly cooked at least.

The staff was fast and friendly and I was out of there with time to spare on my lunch.  Well done MaRoo and I’ll be back.  They have a killer Calamari Roll that has my name all over it.  If you’ve had MaRoo fill in a comment below and let me know what you like.

Maroo Japanese Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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