Fresno BBQ Triangle Part 2: Smokin Them Bones

I drove from Shaw and West to begin my BBQ triangle throw down at Smokin Them Bones last Monday.  The folks on Twitter have been blowing them up lately so I figured it was worth the drive.  I pulled up and parked only to be greeted by the owner in the parking lot. Unfortunately their floors were being cleaned. Monday? Noon?

“Smokey”, as the owner calls himself, apologized profusely. We chatted a while about BBQ and our rigs and I left, unsatisfied.  Before I left he promised that if I came back I wouldn’t be disappointed.  He proclaimed himself Fresno’s best BBQ and coming from a guy who didn’t sell me anything I admired, in a funny way, his confidence.

Fast forward to the next day and I found myself right back at S.T.B.  I ordered the pork rib plate with beans and collared greens (no Mac-n-cheese on that day).  The meal came with a grilled bun.  I got my plate and noticed a few bonus side dishes.  Compliments of Smokey due to the inconvenience the day before. Nice touch and a great way to show you care about service and loyal customers.



The ribs were excellent and cooked perfectly.  Good smoke and bite.  Just like Rubens Rib Shack there was a bit too much sauce.  Just a personal preference so ask for sauce on the side just in case.  The beans, cajun fried rice, yams and collards were all homemade and worth eating.  Imagine that.  He found time time to make it from scratch. Good for him.

I’m pretty sure he makes his own bbq sauce but I’m not sure about the bottled sauces on the tables.  I didn’t try them because they didn’t really go with what I ordered.  He also offers a variety of meats, sandwiches and burgers.  There were several others eating while i was there. I asked two guys if they frequented often and they really loved the place.  I can see why.

All in all it was a great meal cooked by a local pit-master all for around 12 bucks.  Is it the best in Fresno as Smokey claims?  Possibly.  I guess I’ll have to keep eating around Fresno to find out.  Next up, Watts Family Grill!

Smokey's Grill on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to Fresno BBQ Triangle Part 2: Smokin Them Bones

  1. Robert says:

    I’m glad you got to visit. I have only been to smokey’s twice and had a brisket sandwich both times. First visit was excellent! Nice large moist slices of the point off the brisket. Sauce was on the side (my preference). I did try the sauce and didn’t like it. He adds liquid smoke and way too much. Unfortunately, my second visit was not as enjoyable. Sandwich was about half the size of my last one (need consistency). Sauce was all over the meat (bad) and The slices were from the flat and not as tender 😦

    The pulled pork (from observation) is a pork tenderloin chopped up. not very good. Ribs looked like they were qued right. But of course, had sauce all over them. Obviously, I’m not a fan of his sauce. However, the guy eating them was happy. FYI – they were not cooked on the same day. Held and re-heated.

    I’ll give it another shot soon enough. 😉

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