Indian Fast Food in Fresno

Not so fast. I think that’s what this sign reads. OK not really but it sure felt that way.

Across the Golden State freeway and Shaw is Shan-E-Punjab. This is actually a retail Indian supply store that sells herbs, rice, cooking equipment and Indian Food. The store is really nice, well laid out, and most importantly clean. They have a small Indian food menu that covers all the basics. After snooping around a bit I decided to order something to go. There are only three dinky tables but it’s not a “restaurant” so no big deal.

Now I know where to bring all my V.H.S tapes. Who would have thought.

The prices aren’t very cheap for “fast food” and it isn’t really fast but my order was enough for two people. After I ordered I waited about 30 minutes for my food. While I was there people breezed in and out. Sometimes it pays to call ahead and know the cashier apparently.

I chatted with the cashier about the desserts they sell. He gave me a sample of their most popular item, Gulabjamun. It’s a dumpling with a nice sugar syrup saturating the dough. Almost like a soft doughnut hole. I’ll take a dozen please. Everything is made from scratch on site in a kitchen in the back. So if that’s your thing check it out. On to lunch.

Chicken Tikka with Basmati rice and garlic Naan.

Everything was cooked just right with the exception of the chicken which was a little on the dry side. I do have to say that the container was literally overflowing with chicken. Extra points for on that. The Tikka had a nice heat to it but not overpowering. The Naan fell flat on my commute back to work but the flavor was there. Rice was good.

Overall a pretty good experience. They have a niche there and appear to have a loyal following (they moved from an older location across the street). So, if you’re in the mood for Indian food and on that side of town with an hour to kill, check out Shan-E-Punjab. A little culture never hurt anyone!

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One Response to Indian Fast Food in Fresno

  1. Tari Pie says:

    We noticed the sign for this the other day and were quite intrigued. Thanks for the review. We’ll check it out!

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