Silver Dollar Hofbrau- Eat it!

Hofbrau’s are a dying breed in the valley.  I did a google search and I couldn’t find one besides Silver Dollar from Fresno to Stockton to Bakersfield (chime in if you know of one).

Old Fresno closed a few years ago and now a stinking Fresh & Easy sits on the lot.  What a shame.  Where else can you go to get freshly carved turkey and roast beef plates for around 10 bucks?  Anyone???

We ate at Silver Dollar the other night.  It was pretty dead but it was midweek and after 8pm.  They were short on roast beef so I ordered the corned beef sandwich, double dipped.  Try getting this at Quizno’s or Subway.  Not gonna happen.

Corned Beef at Silver Dollar (sorry for the quality its pretty dark there)

Please support your local hofbrau because I don’t want the last one in Fresno to close and I can’t eat these everyday.

Silver Dollar Hofbrau on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Silver Dollar Hofbrau- Eat it!

  1. Cmc says:

    Bite you are right. We must and do support Silver Dollar Hofbrau. When you want some real genuine food not processed its where we go. Keep on biting!!

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