Tsing Tao: Best Chinese Food in Clovis?

The Fresno-Clovis area literally has hundreds of Chinese restaurants to choose from.  I am not counting Panda Express either.  Out of the hundreds, there are probably only a handful that offer anything resembling quality and freshness.  Most offer gooey, fried, sugary, doughy gunk with meat that barely qualifies.  If you’ve ever bitten into a shrimp that had 5 inches of batter and 1 inch of shrimp, you know what I’m talking about.  I’ll pass.

Tsing Tao (Ching Dow) in Clovis makes up part of the small handful of quality Chinese.  It’s not that they don’t offer the fried gooey dishes, but they actually serve a lean piece of protein inside the batter, not just a chunk of gristle.  All of their dishes utilize fresh vegetables and the sauces seem to be prepared at least partially from scratch and not dumped out of a can.

Here is what I ordered this evening.

Tsing-Tao Fried Rice, Tsing-Tao Chicken & String Bean Chicken

The fried rice was fluffy with nice chunks of chicken, pork, beef and shrimp.  The beans in the string bean chicken are fresh, blanched just right and the chicken has a nice crispy texture.  The Tsing-Tao chicken is on the sweeter side of teriyaki but is nicely balance with a dash of salt.  Huge slices of chicken breast make it a meal by itself (except if I’m eating it).

Tsing-Tao has been open since 1988, they write their orders in Chinese symbols and serve great food.  Do yourself a favor and check them out, soon!

Tsing-Tao Chinese on Urbanspoon

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5 Responses to Tsing Tao: Best Chinese Food in Clovis?

  1. boogie. says:

    I do think Tsing Tao is one of the best Chinese places in Fresno. have you tried Kirin Restaurant (Cedar & Herndon)? it’s a great place, family owned & the taste is superior! Try the Garlic Shrimp or Mongolian Beef. soooo good!

  2. boogie. says:

    Imperial Garden (Herndon & Blackstone) is also one of my favorite Chinese places in town. it would be my #1 favorite if their service was better & if they would clean the place up a bit. some of the servers are a little snooty. they seem to work all day & everyday so maybe that’s why lol

  3. CMC says:

    My favorite Chinese food in town. The staff is friendly and greets you by name.

  4. Robert says:

    Never been there. Might have to drop by. As for Emperial Gardens. Yes, they are in the rude side. I am a loyal customer and they barely provide a quick hello. Great food! Peking Duck is great. They have the best fried filet of Sole. Dim Sum is pretty good. But i have been too places in Milpitas and San Francisco that have great Dim sum. Basically, this place is a place to go get some good eats and get out. They are old schooled in hard work and little talk.

    Another great place that is hidden is Chinn’s Chinese on Cedar & Nees by Old Doc’s. Beef Chow fun is very goid. They have a Traditional Chinese menu to order from as well. One if my favs but requires particular pallet Salty Fish Fried Rice. It’s exactly what it says it is. Their Hot and Sour soup is good as well.

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