California Wok

I had lunch at California Wok yesterday.  I have to admit that I’ve eaten quite a few meals there over the last few years as my bank statement can attest.   It’s not that it’s amazing food but it’s consistently good, moderately priced, locally owned and a short drive from my office.  They also cook a lot of fresh items.  The owner has also done a very good job teaching proper employee etiquette as well.  They are always polite and attentive even though it’s not a full service establishment.

Lots of people order their rice bowls, sushi rolls and other various Asian dishes.  I tend to stick with the burgers and sandwiches which are a great value.   They do a pretty good taco as well, however, it’s not a “street” taco.    It’s more along the lines of a Rubio’s/Baja Fresh style taco.

On this visit I ordered the Turkey Avocado sandwich.  FresnoBites has been tipping the scales pretty heavy lately so I opted for the side salad with vinaigrette.   Granted the salad is iceberg only, but hey, salads suck anyway.  They also offer onion rings, sweet potato fries ($.50 extra) or regular fries.  All of them are solid choices.



The turkey sandwich comes on a nice toasted roll with mayo.  An ample amount of avocado and a huge stack of turkey finish it off.  Ultimately this sandwich is a winner.  It’s not extravagant, it’s not fresh carved, but it’s far better than Subway!  My theory:  if I can buy a nice sandwich with a side for less than $6 bucks, without going to Subway, Quizno’s or another chain, I’m doing pretty good.

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