Fresno BBQ Triangle Conclusion

When I first started my blog I really didn’t have a clue what my first post would be. I knew that I didn’t want to start off with Home Town Buffett, but beyond that I was sort of lost. So as most of us do, we fall back on what we know best. For me that’s BBQ. I think this was a good decision.

If you haven’t noticed BBQ is kind of a big deal. On a national scale BBQ is exploding and has never been more popular, especially when it comes to contests. As I type this they are announcing a new reality show airing in the next few months that follows BBQ teams as they compete. It’s becoming a big business. Even locally the BBQ scene is becoming more prominent. Take for example the recent tri-tip cook off put on by From what I heard it was very well attended especially considering its only in its sophomore year. So I thought to myself, “self, you must find great BBQ in Fresno and report it to the world (okay maybe my three readers all of whom are probably family members).” So that’s what I did.

My first series of BBQ involved three joints: Ruben’s Rib Shack, Smokin Them Bones and Watts Family Grill. In my first post I mentioned that I would crown a winner. Really though that’s a bit out of line because to honestly do that, I think I, or any other person would need to eat several meals there of all variety to really assess the quality and consistency. Since I promised however, based on what I ordered that day and the overall quality of the food, these were my favorites:

  1. Smokin Them Bones
  2. Ruben’s Rib Shack
  3. Watt’s Family Grill

Really though all of the restaurants are winners. Do a google or twitter search for either joint and they are getting great reviews and frequent traffic. Hopefully they all will survive this tough economy. But besides all that, making good BBQ consistently and with decent side dishes, is tough work. Not to mention the everyday stresses of running a restaurant. So with that said I implore all of BBQ sauce loving, meat-eating, mac-n-cheeseaholic friends to join me in visiting these fine BBQ establishments.

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One Response to Fresno BBQ Triangle Conclusion

  1. cmc says:

    Well said….just don’t forget the corn bread and corn on the cobb

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