Tacos Los Grullenses

Tacos are pretty much the best thing EVER invented.  When I was growing up we used to make “white people” tacos.  They consisted of basic ground beef, shells fried to order, cheddar cheese, sour cream and some nasty La Victoria green sauce.  Even though these weren’t authentic, it didn’t prevent me from polishing off about 15.

Luckily Fresno provides tons of options, some authentic and some not so much.  You could make a run for the border and eat at Taco Bell but why settle for that faux smeat?  Instead, eat at a local place like Tacos Los Grullenses.

I ordered the asada taco and the al pastor torta.  I know I really built up the taco theme in the beginning but the torta also looked good.  The total was about $5.50.  Not bad.  I think if you looked around you can find tacos cheaper than a buck fifty, however, I’m not sure what meat you would be eating.

Tasted by itself the asada was nicely seasoned and moist.  It wasn’t tough like some other places.  Not sure if others have noticed but some asada resembles ground beef.  That is not the right way to do it.  The tortillas could have been cooked a bit longer as they were a smidgen tough.  The red salsa had good heat but was nothing the average taco fan couldn’t handle.  Overall a very serviceable taco and one I would eat again.  Sauteed onions are also served on the side.

The al pastor on the torta wasn’t the greatest but I’ve definitely had worse.  It wasn’t greasy and the meat was lean.  Some folks are looking for the al pastor to be cooked on a schwarma, like here, but that’s rarely the case in Fresno.  Of course this would be preferred but not many places are going through the trouble.  Back to the torta.  Very good.  Mayo, meat, tomato’s, lettuce, avocado (extra $.50).  Can’t go wrong with this one and it beats a boring ham sandwich.

Overall, Tacos Los Grullenses is a nice stop.  The food I ordered was better than average and freshly made.  It’s not the cheapest but I can’t imagine they can pay the rent there with 2 for $1 tacos.  It’s clean, has some t.v.’s, and its been recently renovated.  Make sure to check them out.

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