The Big Swirl with Cheese On Top

Update: The Big Swirl has gone down the drain. There had been a sign out front since December that said, “closed for the holidays”.  Oh yes the old holiday trick. It had been there for a while. Just yesterday I saw them taking the machines away in a Ryder truck. I wonder what happened. Maybe the grilled cheese concept never caught on.

Tonight I visited the newly opened yogurt/grilled cheese shop “The Big Swirl” and “The Big Cheese”.  I will delve into my experience in a second but I need to go on a brief tangent.  Please bear with me.

Is it just me or is yogurt taking over Fresno?  Off the top of my head I can think of the following: Yodigity, Heart Village, Yogurtland, Cefiore, Yogurtville, TuttiMelon and the now defunct Tutti Frutti (at least locally defunct).  I think we probably have saturated the frozen yogurt market for at least the next hundred years.  In a world where sugar consumption is considered a pandemic and Jamie Oliver is shouting at the rooftops about sugar milk served in our school systems, Fresno is adding self serve style yogurt shops at a fever pitch.  Do we really need these self serve, KFC 10 piece bucket serving size yogurt stores on every corner?  What could having one more possibly help?  Please don’t get me wrong, FresnoBites is not a health nut and I’m not saying that yogurt is a bad thing, but at least throw something else into the mix.   Enter The Big Cheese.

Really like the sign

Ironically, located in the former Tutti Frutti location on Shaw and Cedar sits “The Big Swirl and The Big Cheese”.  It’s nice to see that they added something extra to be different than their competition.  Who doesn’t like a grilled cheese sandwich?  Especially hungry college students.  I’m calling that a big idea and I think this will be a huge success for The Big Cheese.  The sandwiches are relatively cheap starting at just $2.99 and come on brioche bread.  While I didn’t order a sandwich tonight they did sell a few while I was there and they looked pretty tasty.  They have everything from the basic “I can make this in my dorm on a hotplate sandwich” (obviously not the real name) to a few signature selections.  One bummer: no tomato soup.

All the menu's are digital including the main menu on this t.v.

The main seller though will ultimately be the yogurt.  Just a hunch but probably a safe assumption.  They didn’t have my favorite flavor in yet, tart.  Yup, just plain ol’ tart.  But, they promised it will be in soon as they just opened three days ago.  Instead I filled my bucket with strawberry and cheesecake.  I thought that the yogurt was good enough to go back.  Probably even better than some of their competitors.

Misc Photos below because everyone likes pictures.

Ten flavors on "tap".

The digital menu boards above the machines tell you the current flavor.

Plenty of toppings to choose from.

Random employees. They were extremely helpful and eager to spread the word about the awesome cheese sandwiches.

Let's get cheesy!

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5 Responses to The Big Swirl with Cheese On Top

  1. Chris S. says:

    Love it!!!! It’s real… but you didn’t get a picture of their pockets! #hadtobethere

    • fresnobites says:

      No I sure didn’t. Sort of awkward to ask them to turn around for that. It’s already awkward enough walking around a yogurt buffet with my iPhone snapping photos.

  2. heatherinfresno says:

    I couldn’t care less about yogurt, but I’d definitely try out a sandwich. The Italian one intrigues me.

  3. chris Ignas says:

    this place has the best pomegranite sorbet.The coconut yogurt has a great flavor and all the add ons were great.

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