Chile Verde: Good for every meal!

Since I started Fresnobites I have been eating out just a tad bit more than usual.  Something about wanting to write another post, and my wife having our first baby within the past month, makes it easier to justify going out to eat.  So the other night I decided to dust of the stove and the grill to make something from scratch: chili verde.

I cannot take credit for this recipe but I can tell you that it’s a pretty basic one.  Basic is not a bad thing however.  I found it here.  I wouldn’t recommend adding much more to it as it’s meant to be a simple dish.

Here are a couple of pointers:

  • Grill your tomatillos, jalapenos, and garlic over wood or lump charcoal.   Lump charcoal is found in virtually every hardware store in town and is far superior to the standard briquets.  Royal Oak is a great brand and is currently at Wal-Mart for less than $7 dollars.  Here is a nice review on it.  This is going to add another element to your dish that you won’t get by placing the veggies under the broiler: smoke.

Get some lump charcoal for the smoke factor.

Grilling you veggies over fire will add tons of flavor.

Take them off the grill when they look like this.

  • Do yourself another favor and go to Costco and buy boneless country-style spare ribs.  These are taken from a pork shoulder but Costco does you a favor and trims nearly all the extra fat from the meat.  This helps a lot and it really doesn’t cost that much more than buying a whole shoulder.
  • Brown the meat in smaller batches.  This will help produce a better brown or crust on the meat.  The more crust, the more flavor.

Browning. Critical step.

The recipe calls for an entire bunch of cilantro.  Trust me on this, you only need a small handful, minus the stems.

Make sure to eat plenty.

The great thing about this recipe, unless you have thirty mouths to feed, is that it lasts for days.  It also freezes well.  If you’re thinking it’s just good for lunch and dinner,  wrong!  It goes great with breakfast and dinner.  Chili verde over fried eggs should definitely be in your game plan with this.

Try it and let me know what you think.

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One Response to Chile Verde: Good for every meal!

  1. Jason Farris says:

    ok now I am starving for some Chili Verde! Thanks for the tips 🙂

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