Tri-Tip For a Cause

Wednesday I was treated to lunch by the Fresno Deputy Sheriffs Association (F.D.S.A) .  No I wasn’t arrested for disturbing the peace after an all day bender at the Chinese buffet. Nor was I eating bread and hot-dogs in the pokey.

The F.D.S.A puts on a killer tri-tip lunch on the 4th Wednesday of every month (except November and December).  From what I was told they have been selling lunches for the past few years in order to raise funds for their various causes, including the peace officers memorial fund.

So, what do you get and how do you get it?  Well I am glad you asked.   The meal comes with BBQ tri-tip, chili beans, pilaf, salad and a roll.  You also get your choice of a soda or bottled water.  And now for the price………$6 bucks.  That’s insanely cheap for the amount of food and quality.  I hear they buy Harris Ranch beef.  Of course this is for a cause so don’t go getting tight on them because you can always contribute more.  All kidding aside the food was great and sad to say a little bit better than a lot of the restaurants I’ve eaten at.

Meat, meat and more meat.

Here is how you can get it.  My office signed up and placed a huge order which they delivered.  I’m not sure if there is a minimum order but I’m sure you can recruit enough co-workers in your office for them to deliver.  Or, if you work downtown, you can actually walk up and place your order on the spot.  Heck they even take all major credit cards.  Check out the flier below for details and call them to place an order pronto!

Details, Details, Details!

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