Killer Fry Bread Tacos at Regina’s Native Cafe

**Updated 7/30/2011:  After hearing rumors of Regina’s being locked up for more than a week I decided to make a run over there.  Unfortunately there we some legal papers taped to the storefront.  It appears that the cafe is no longer open.  It’s too bad that such a great little local place couldn’t survive.**

When my brother text me last weekend that he was going to Regina’s Cafe for breakfast, my first thought was, where?  Then my second thought was biscuits and gravy.  When I asked him where it was he quickly responded back, “Blog Fail”.  Although disappointed that I hadn’t discovered this gem of a restaurant first, he went to Regina’s undeterred for breakfast.  After receiving a phone call later with him ecstatic that most of their menu was scratch made, including the flour tortilla’s and fry bread, I was immediately intrigued and decided that’s where I would eat lunch. With all that said here is the lowdown.

The only place serving authentic fry bread.

Not a lot of space inside but the patio is an option.

Regina is making great food.  She’s got rib-eye cheese steaks, home-made chili and cornbread, awesome breakfast burritos with homemade flour tortillas (for $3 bucks), but most importantly she has fry bread tacos.  What is fry bread?  Technically speaking, fry bread is fried bread.  Nice and technical right.  Fry bread is simply awesome.  Especially at Regina’s.

Remember- A small menu helps focus on quality. It shows.

Check out this taco.

This thing is legit. Don't go there without ordering it.

The fry bread itself is scratch made by Regina daily and to order.  Freshness is a priority with her.  You can tell when you bite into the taco that everything is fresh and going to be good.  The bread is chewy with a nice crispy texture.

The salsa is great and available to go in pints.

Regina gives you three salsa’s which are all homemade.  Honestly my favorite is the kiwi-mango salsa.  Best I’ve had and goes great with the taco. Honestly though you could probably smear anything on this bread and it would taste good.  Well, almost anything.  On to the cheese steak.

Served on a Max’s bun, the freshly grilled rib-eye sandwich is another item to consider when you go.  But really I would only order it after you get the taco.  It stands on its own as a solid option however.  I talked with Regina who tells me she is ordering rib roasts whole and then breaking them down for tacos and sandwiches.  No frozen reheated crap to be found here.

Order it with steak or curly fries.

Another thing I don’t want to leave out is the breakfast burritos.  I drove out-of-the-way for one on Friday morning and wasn’t disappointed.  I brought one to my co-worker who commented, “This tortilla is homemade.  It’s really good”.  Coming from someone who grew up on scratch made tortillas, I figured I would take her word for it and so should you.  This makes the burrito, which did I mention is only $3 bucks, an outstanding find.

Almost forgot the “fair style” rolled tacos.  Not to outdo herself or anything but Regina is also pulling off some pretty decent “fair style” rolled tacos.  I can’t speak to how authentic they are but I tried one and it was pretty good.  She serves them daily and apparently lots of people stop in for them as they wait for the fair to roll back in.  Thank god she’s not serving deep fried snickers.

Who else has fair tacos besides the fair.

So if you go out this week, do yourself a favor and make your way over there.  Besides, who can resist these smiles???

Regina and her daughter run the day to day with a smile.

Regina's Native Cafe on Urbanspoon

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16 Responses to Killer Fry Bread Tacos at Regina’s Native Cafe

  1. JohnnyG says:

    That’s right near my house. Didn’t know it was there. I love getting fry bread in Cave Creek when I visit the Phoenix area. I’ll be at Regina’s soon!

  2. The Cured Ham says:

    Great find. Looking forward to trying some next time I’m in town. If she’s breaking down whole rib roasts for her sandwiches, I’m buying.

  3. Tracy N says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please keep blogging about these local places. We love trying the hole-in-the-wall ethnic places, but get stuck in a rut with what’s tried and true. I especially like your posts with the pictures of the food and menu. Will be trying fry bread tacos in the near future…

    • fresnobites says:

      Not a problem Tracy and thanks for the kind words. Believe me I like finding them as much as sharing. Hopefully these little businesses stay alive during the bad economy.

  4. Tari Pie says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this place. My first Fry Bread Taco was at the Painted Dessert. I can’t wait to try Regina’s.

    • fresnobites says:

      Tari don’t delay. It’s that good. One of our friends in Native American and she can’t wait to try them either. The only place in town you can get them I believe.

  5. Nicole says:

    Why oh why did I look at this?? Now all I can think about is driving over there and ordering a Fry Bread Taco. I’ve driven by this place and actually wrote the name down to remind myself to try it, but I still forgot. So glad you did this review – I’ll be passing this along to some friends for sure!

    • fresnobites says:

      Now you know why my belt no longer fits. The fry bread is amazing, the tortillas are a low carb diet nightmare and the pow wow dessert has to be a sin. So good though.

  6. Eric Wiens says:

    Has anyone been back lately? Tried calling today and sounds like the phone is disconnected. There’s also some disconcerting posts on their FB.

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