Downtown: La Elegante

I finally had a chance to try La Elegante this week. It seems as though all the local foodies and taco aficionado’s had already been there so I decided it was time. It helped that I carpooled that day and used my co-workers gas to get there. That’s OK though because we both had plenty of gas when we left (kidding sort of).

As you approach the storefront its a little confusing whether you’re going into a restaurant or a pawn shop with all of the hardware on the windows.  It was nice to see there were no bandit bars inside and they didn’t have to buzz us in.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those downtown scaredy cats.  It just isn’t the most inviting place from the outside.  The inside however was inviting and had that old diner feel.  It’s my kind of place with booths and a dining counter.

The next pawnstars location??

Arriving around noontime all of the seats were full so we bellied up to the bar (me literally). My only complaint is my knees kept hitting the counter. Minor annoyance because you get your food so fast you aren’t sitting very long.  The waitress running the place was very friendly but all business.  After all there are a lot of people to feed.

The dude manning the griddle was extremely fast and organized. I wish I had a griddle that big in my kitchen. So how was the food?

This guy was fast! Check out that griddle. Love it.

I ordered four tacos. Yeah I said four. After-all, my desk job takes a lot of energy. I got two adovada, one chile verde, and one carne asada. Bottom line the tacos are good. Each taco comes with a dollop of guacamole and just the right amount of salsa, which is fantastic.  There are a few complaints worth mentioning though. The adovada was pretty greasy, but then again I can’t think of any that isn’t in town.   The asada was on the dry side, not beef jerky dry but dry enough to notice. It’s worth noting that I probably got the last bit because right after I was served the cook placed a huge amount of asada on the griddle.  Meanwhile, the chile verde was very tender.

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos.

Tacos are a gift from above!

Since I didn’t order any beans and rice I relied on my co-worker to give me the scoop. Even though he’s nearly as pasty as me, he lived in Texas for a few years and has had his share of authentic Mexican food.  He thoroughly enjoyed the tacos but he felt the beans and rice “left something to be desired.”  Personally I would rather fill my belly with tacos so no harm in my opinion.

Overall the food was great, the service was fast and friendly, and it had that hole in the wall feel that makes for a great taco joint.

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6 Responses to Downtown: La Elegante

  1. tari says:

    I’m a big fan of Lengua, which is why we always end up at Don Pepe’s. Do they have Lengua here?

  2. As always, an honest and fair review. Keep’em coming. Lots of people talk this place up for sure and “dry enough to notice” asada is worth mentioning, as is the grease factor. I see from the pic they’re using grocery store tortillas which creates a ratio issue for perfect street tacos., rather than the tiny palm-sized ones that I prefer.

    I’m with you, why have beans and rice when all I really need is tacos, tacos, tacos.

  3. Tom Cangemi says:

    Great writing style Chuck. How is it you’re not 300 pounds???

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