Clovis Farmers Market: Two More Reasons To Go

Somewhere between the Corner Cafe tri-tip sandwich and Bobby Salazar’s taco bar, sits a few good food finds at the Clovis Farmers Market that are worth visiting.  One is something I’ve been looking for in our area for quite some time now.  The other is something that I’ve never even heard of, but was pleasantly surprised to try.  For most people, I think the main draw to the farmers market is the huge supply of local fruits and vegetables.   Those are okay but we already know about that.

First let’s start with the unexpected: Stroopwafels.

A few weeks ago I contacted the Golden Stroopwafel company, based out of Clovis, CA, to figure out where I could find their products locally.  I really wanted to try them, but it was such a unique product, I also wanted to meet the people behind the stroopwafel.  Certainly someone making stroopwafels would have a passion for the product, right?   Jan (John) and Donna were so friendly when I visited their booth.  After chatting a bit about their treat and snapping some photos, I took my products and left, eagerly waiting to try them.

What a nice couple. They were having a blast telling me all about the stroopwafel.

The stroopwafel is somewhere between a cookie and a waffle.  It’s starts as a small ball of dough that gets smashed (probably a better word than that available) on a stroopwafel iron.  After cooking, Jan, with surgeon-like skill, slices the stroopwafel in half and smothers it with either a homemade caramel sauce, or …. nutella.  Yeah, these are very good.  Make sure to grab some when you go to the farmers market.  They are great with Saturday morning coffee.

Mmmm! Stroopwafel goodness!

Let's face it. Nutella is good on practically anthing.

Now on to the next find: Wood-Fired Pizza

Here is someone who is taking the mobile food movement seriously.  Meet Mattie’s Wood-Fired Mobile Oven.  He has a smoking hot wood burning pizza oven mounted on a trailer.  Coincidentally, he is also making some good pizza.

Very nice selection of pizza.

A few years back Matt decided that his career in the publishing business wasn’t quite as fun as making pizza.  Good for him.  Don’t we all want to have fun working?  Matt commissioned a pizza oven from Mugnaini ovens, had it mounted to a trailer and started tossing pies.  He’s making his dough from scratch, has some unique pizza toppings, and most importantly his pizza isn’t that doughy mess we are used to in Fresno.

The beast.

I ordered the caramelized onion and blue cheese pizza, which I split with my wife.  I wish I would have ordered more because the portions aren’t that big.  The crust is chewy, has a crispy bottom and the smoke flavor from the wood oven comes through nicely.  Next time I’m calling an order in for a large, if I can!  Hopefully I can twist his arm.

Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onions. I need that dough recipe stat!

Pro-tip: Matties Wood-Fired Mobile Oven is located at the farmers market this summer but he would be more than happy to cater your next party or corporate event.  I don’t know about you but wood-fired pizza sure beats the heck out of grilled chicken and is way cooler.

Nice rig.

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7 Responses to Clovis Farmers Market: Two More Reasons To Go

  1. See, there is another food truck in town besides Dusty Buns, except this one has an Italian pizza oven attached to a custom painted flat-bed. I like the folks at Dusty Buns, but critical mass in the mobile truck area is achieved by finding guys like this and others in their trade and highlighting every opportunity, every truck, not just one. The look of the pizza alone tells me that’s quality, with slightly charred ends. Another good find.

    You’re finding some of the better spots in town right now, you’re discovering, you’re looking. Keep eating out!

    • fresnobites says:

      Love the char. You’re right Ham it’s quality stuff. I wish he was doing larger pies at the market cause I could easily handle one on my own. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. dkzody says:

    Thanks for the good recommendations. Although I don’t normally get to the Clovis Farmer’s Market (that’s the other side of the world for me), your post has made me rethink that and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get over there this season.

  3. Kelli says:

    Thanks for the heads up on these two new spots. Tried the baked potato booth last time, don’t need to do that again. That wood-fired pizza looks amazing. I think I will be having some of that on Friday evening!

  4. I love this post! You not only talk about how wonderful Old Town Clovis Farmers Market is, but you manged to talked to vendors, too! I’ll be there this Friday supporting NOSH, a “eat on, give one” event. After reading this, I’ll make my way to the vendors you mentioned above.

    Here’s a link for more details about NOSH:

    • fresnobites says:

      I really like meeting the owners and hearing their story, especially if they have a great product. Thanks for the comment. NOSH is a great program and I’m glad to put up the link to your blog.

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