Pho Real: Pho Delite

Is it just me or does it seem like there has been a pho explosion happening in the valley?  Every time I visit a shopping center after a few weeks another pho place appears. Is it my bad memory or are shrewd entrepreneurs meeting the demand for this mystery broth by opening shop to feed the hungry?

Pho Delite opened back in March of 2011.  This noodle house sits in the Walmart strip mall on Clovis off Shaw and Peach.  The restaurant is nice and clean and offers dine in or to go orders.  After cleaning my garage in the heat this morning I was for sure taking it to go.  I’ve noticed that most pho shops also offer the banh mi but Pho Delite hasn’t added that to the menu yet.  The server said she’s been bothering the chef about it so hopefully they will.  Oh well.  Undeterred I order the vermicelli salad with chicken and one with pork.

This was the first time I have eaten a vermicelli salad at any location and I have to say it was definitely something to keep in the arsenal.  The meats were cooked nicely, the veggies were fresh and the noodles were cooked just right.  It was the perfect choice for the hot day.

Maybe the next time I go back, when it’s not over a hundred degrees, I’ll order the pho.  The other diners there seemed to enjoy it.  If you go make sure to report back.

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4 Responses to Pho Real: Pho Delite

  1. Nicole says:

    I’ll have to check this place out. I basically live across the street!

  2. tari pie says:

    Soon, we’re getting a Wayside Noodles in my neck of the woods. Walking distance – always a plus. I’m anxious to try it.

  3. Corrie says:

    I LOVE VERMICELLI SALADS! The only thing is that sometimes places make it a little too fishy. I did not like the one at Pho Le 777 in Clovis, although their pho and other dishes are delicious.

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