Cheeseburger Hold the Produce

There are very few things more satisfying in life than a good cheeseburger. I would put a great cheeseburger on the same level as even a great steak.

Personally, as I’ve gotten a bit older and consumed more cheeseburgers I care to count, I discovered that cheeseburgers are even better with no vegetables. Besides, why go deluxe when some places even charge more for lettuce and tomato? I have found that more and more I just scrape it off.

I also have developed a hatred for restaurants that serve frozen patties. Give me a break. The fries are frozen, the onion rings are frozen, the cheese is pre-sliced, the bacon is pre-cooked. What’s left to do but slap it together? You might as well buy a burger at the Valero.

What if I told you there is a place in town that’s been around for more than 50 years, is locally owned, cooks fresh patties and bacon to order, and serves fresh battered fried mushrooms? Oh and the owner is super friendly. Well there is such a place and it’s called Dari-Delite.

My friend Will told me about Dari-Delite a few weeks ago. I’ve driven by the place dozens of times and just haven’t stopped in. Well I finally did and I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered the BBQ Burger.  A 1/4 pound patty comes on a steamed bun, dressed with cheese, BBQ sauce, bacon and three onion rings. No lettuce, tomato, pickle, etc. Just pure meaty goodness. I noticed when you order they throw down on the griddle a fresh patty and bacon. No pre-cooked bacon here. Another thing I noticed was how hot the burger is when they bring it out to you. It’s just amazingly hot and fresh. All for $3.79.


I think what’s better about this place than the food is its character. Look at the equipment when you go in. I think some of it dates back to when it was opened. The bun steamer is old, the griddle is old but taken care of like a classic car. I can also tell the A/C is old because they have mini portable swamp coolers scattered throughout the tiny dining area.  Oh well character right?  Overall, it’s a good burger served at a neat place and I’ll definitely go back.

Dari-Delite on Urbanspoon

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20 Responses to Cheeseburger Hold the Produce

  1. Norm says:

    You might want to also try Mom’s Burgers at Clinton and West. Same type of place.

  2. Looks like a Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl’s Jr 🙂

  3. Robert says:

    Yo! Where’s my burger? Lol 😛

    Btw – not sure if you around these parts 20-yrs ago, but there was a place called “The Place”. They originally were located across from UMC on Kings Canyon Rd. But moved west to where La Torta is now. They served fresh cut fries (whole potato) with your order. They also served the “Bomb” Burger. Four handmade 2/4 lb patties with an egg and hot dog on top. If you could eat two in one hour, you got to sign their wall and post a picture. That’s ultimately where I got my idea for the burger you saw me post. Loved The Place!

  4. BigDogBites says:

    In 1965 I ate 3 bbq beef sandwiches for lunch at the Dari- Delight on Belmont, while my dad worked on cars across the street at Johnson’s Automotive. Don’t know why I’ve never been to this location. I can tell you a place that served , possibly THE worst burger I’ve ever had. I have heard for many years about the Cosmo downtown. My wife had said she had a good turkey sandwich a few weeks ago, let’s try it for lunch. It’s mostly a bar with a separate dining room and comfortable inside with a nice menu selection. The counter person suggested I have a burger, since it was my first time. It looked great in the basket, but when I picked it up, the grease from the greyish looking burger, was soaking all the way through the bun. My wife ordered the same and we both had a couple bites and left. It was awful.

    • fresnobites says:

      I’ve heard they have good food at Cosmo but it’s sad when a burger can’t be executed.

    • jenne says:

      just…wow… you’re kidding… Cosmo’s serves the BEST burger I’ve ever had in this town… smokey….delicious…haunting…. YUM. Sorry you didn’t like it…I think they’re wonderful..

  5. Delaine Zody says:

    That DariDelite was built when the housing tract went in, back in the 60s. There was a Foodland Grocery store in the center behind it. It was a great neighborhood “joint.”

    • fresnobites says:

      I remember foodland well. My mom used to take us there and I would always be trying to swipe candy bars. She would always catch me and make me return it to the manager.

  6. PK says:

    Also try Triangle Drive in at Belmont and the 99!
    Go there on the way to the Cemetery! Sad but true….
    Anyway…the place is so clean you can eat off the floor!
    Cosmo??….Never have had the burger….but the other sandwiches are awesome
    and the Dinners???…just Wow! Give them another chance…..and hope you
    let them know….have never had a bad meal there!

  7. BigDogBites says:

    I decided to give Cosmo another try immediately, with description of “awesome” and “wow”. Uhh….the sandwich I had wouldn’t come close to a Deli Delicious much less a sandwich I could make in my own kitchen. If you want an awesome sandwich, try the Hometown Emporium in Exeter. Sandwiches are so big you can eat only half and they also come with chips and a freshly baked cookie. Or if you get down to Bakersfield, make a stop at Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli. I think I’ll pass on the “wow” dinners.

  8. Hey Chief,
    We need to do a Cosmo lunch and full inspection. The story there is a good one, but I too hear mixed results from the kitchen for lunch. Cosmo has had its struggle with everything from the porno store next door to zoning issues and keep going.

    • fresnobites says:

      I have yet to eat there myself. My dad obviously has had two lousy experiences as you can see by his comments. My brother hasn’t complained so that at least tells me it is serviceable. I’m ready when you are. Let me know when you are back in town.

      • Godogs21 says:

        I think Cosmo is ok, nothing I’ve had will make me drive across town for it. If I’m at my office downtown, I may go back. I will tell you this, the last sandwich I got wasn’t very good at all. My neighbor recommended the cheese steak, so that’s why I went. It was tough meat on that hard roll, rubbery cheese and a green chile. If it didn’t come with au jus I would have choked to death. Not to mention my jaw felt like I had been in a boxing match. So yeah, it’s ok.

  9. tari simpson says:

    Those pictures are fantastic. It’s breakfast time and I’m drooling for a burger!

  10. jenne says:

    I miss the Dairy Belle which used to be on the NW corner of Clovis and Kings Canyon… drippy, greasy good burger on a perfectly toasted sesame seen bun with mayo and pickles…that’s it… with their fries and a chocolate malt…now that was a meal… oh..and Lesterburger too…

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