Cafe Oaxaca Panaderia

I think most kids think of ice cream when they see a van driving though the neighborhood playing obnoxious music. Not me. I used to wish it was the Mexican bread truck. I remember they were selling breads for $.25. Those days are long gone. However, there’s finally a panaderia closer to my house and it’s being run by a friendly local family. Cafe Oaxaca opened sometime last year in Clovis and has been satisfying my craving even since. But it wasn’t until my last visit that I discovered what I think is their specialty.

As is the case with most Mexican bakeries, Cafe Oaxaca offers the traditional assortment of sweet breads and cookies. My personal favorite is the pink sugary croissant thingy (pretty technical right). Beyond the pastries they also offer custom wedding and birthday cakes.

Forget all that for a minute though and focus on the star of the show. Before I left yesterday the baker slipped a little something extra in my bag. As was explained to me by the owners son, the item you see below is a traditional bread served in their native Oaxaca and it’s called Ojaldras. From what I gathered on the web this represents their native flat bread. When baked this flat bread expands into a nice UFO shape.

Judging from the hint of licorice and the sight of seeds throughout the crumb, it looks like fennel seeds are incorporated into the dough. The outside is very lightly finished with sugar and sesame seeds. This is a bread meant for a pad of butter on top and simply eaten by itself or dunked into some awesome stew. What a chewy piece of goodness this is.

Cafe Oaxaca is a fantastic addition to Clovis and it’s one that is long overdue. Be sure to check them out the next time you’re on that side of town and ask for the ojaldras.

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3 Responses to Cafe Oaxaca Panaderia

  1. Donna says:

    They puff up like pita bread, fun to watch dough puff up. Sure would like to try making these but couldn’t find a recipe in a quick search.

    • fresnobites says:

      Donna just go check them out and have a taste. I’m sure the recipe varies by region. I also saw that others spell the name of the fry bread differently too. Best bet is to pop in and buy one.

  2. Kassieee(: says:

    I’ve been there I love there bread, I’m so happy there in Clovis:D

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