Tacos at the Cherry Auction

A few weeks ago I found myself in need of a tortilla press. I’m not sure why but for some reason I always think I can make things better at home. Most often than not, unless its a burger or BBQ, I can’t seem to pull it off. Nevertheless, upon the recommendation of @DoxieMama, I decided to look for one at the Cherry Auction.

If you haven’t been to the Cherry Auction it’s somewhat of an eye opener. One can find undergarments, shoes, used VHS tapes, cowboy hats, produce, roosters, thousand dollar parrots, potions, chili’s in bulk and food vendors. Just to name a few things. It’s quite the combination.

Instead of just tracking down a tortilla press I decided to make this a dual purpose trip and pinpoint the best taco trucks at the Cherry Auction. Whats better than polishing of a few greasy tacos on a hot summer day at nine in the morning right?

I tried a total of three trucks. Each produced an excellent taco which are listed in order of preference below. Here we go.

#3 Tacos Mazatlan

Overall this was a third place taco. There wasn’t anything exceptional going on but the meat was tender and the toritillas were better than the average store bought variety. The standard salsa bar was present. This is located when you first walk in the auction from the south-west entrance. If you reach the snow cone stand you’ve gone too far.

#2 Name Unknown

I ordered an Al Pastor and Asada. I give these tacos a slight edge over Tacos Mazatlan because the meat was more moist. The meat had just the right balance of seasonings and you could still tell what kind of meat you were eating. They are located right in the middle of the auction right next to the produce section. Also, if you want a bacon wrapped hot dog they also sell those right out front of their truck.

# 1 Rosas Mexican Food

This truck you just can’t miss. Based on the amount of people slurping down menudo first thing in the morning, I knew this was the vendor most desired by the regulars. As soon as I got my plate I knew why. They were serving homemade corn tortillas. Needless to say they were chewy and delicious. From the tortilla, the adovada, to the salsa, it was all good. They are located on the central east section of the auction all the way in the back. They have the biggest food kitchen so you can’t miss it.

**Pro-tip: Since it was a blistering 100 degrees that day and probably will be if you go anytime soon, hit up the rainbow snow cone vendor. He’s a local guy and all his syrups are made by their company with no corn syrup. Oh yeah I almost forgot. I ended up getting my tortilla press at J & E Restaurant Supply on Van Ness. It’s pretty nice and the tortillas turned great.

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7 Responses to Tacos at the Cherry Auction

  1. jenne says:

    what other types of food are there?

    • fresnobites says:

      I also noticed there were two Chinese foods vendors. Other than that I think there is some fair type food scattered about. Mainly I think Mexican food is your best bet.

  2. My dad just went with friends to the Cherry Auction a couple weeks ago. Hadn’t been there in years and sure enough, he ate Mexican food out of a truck. Like father, like son.

  3. james says:

    Looks good – I like the size of the meat chunks in those tacos from Rosa’s.
    Also, way to put that camera to use 🙂

    • fresnobites says:

      Rosa’s really stood out on that day. There was easily a hundred people eating under their tent.

      Thanks for the compliment but I really need to learn how to use this camera. I’d like to break away from auto mode and learn what some of these buttons do.

  4. Janet says:

    I made my dining choice @ the Cherry Auction by looking to see where there were the most people. When I stumbled upon Rosas, it wasn’t too busy yet, but the sign for home-made tortillas caught my eye. Besides that, I couldn’t help but notice the PA system Casa Rosas used to shout out the numbers of their customers’ completed orders. They dished out some tasty sopes! I concur with your rating, though not as educated as yours as I didn’t try anywhere else:)

    • fresnobites says:

      Hey Janet thanks for commenting and for finding the blog. An interesting note about the Rosa’s number calling system. The lady was calling out all the numbers in spanish and at the time there were about 20 people waiting for their food. Thankfully she saw the worried gringo (me) anxiously waiting and worried that I would miss my number that she called it out in English. I was thankful for her doing that cause I was pretty lost.

      Don’t worry about having an educated rating like me based on volume because I was feeling the pain later :).

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