Classic Burger at Triangle Drive In

When I think of the perfect cheeseburger I think like a minimalist: patty, cheese, bun and minimal toppings. There is nothing worse than an iceberg lettuce salad with a side of burger. If it doesn’t have any saturated fat in it, it shouldn’t be dominating the cheeseburger.

Since 1963 Triangle Drive In has been providing just what I’m after. And in case you’re wondering, I haven’t been alive since 1963 so I can’t say for certain that their burger hasn’t been through changes since then. Maybe BigDogBites can fill me in later. What I can say is that the formula must be working to last as long as they have. Triangle is a Fresno classic, with classic decor and a classic cheeseburger to match.

The burger is cooked over an open flame and topped with basic American cheese. A toasted sesame seed bun lightly coated with mayo provides a solid foundation for the thin patties. Yes patties. I ordered the double. It wasn’t overly greasy but packed a good amount of flavor. Even though typically I order without the lettuce it was the perfect ratio and didn’t interfere. Finally someone gets it. Next stop, Angelo’s.

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5 Responses to Classic Burger at Triangle Drive In

  1. jenne says:

    I always get this place mixed up with Angelo’s.. I think I’ve been there and wasn’t impressed…or not.. I just know, I’ve been in search of a burger just like the one I used to get at Dairy Belle which used to be on the NW corner of Clovis and Kings Canyon, many decades ago. One thin greasy semi charred patty, with pickle and mayo on a toasted sesame seed bun…simple..but lovely… I like greasy burgers frankly… I find many burgers either too thick or too dry (it’s the lean Angus thing).. Having said all that..I really love the burger at Cosmo’s for a totally different reason…

  2. gg67 says:

    I love the Triangle. Their shakes too are so good. Thanks for keeping the tradition going!!

  3. Phillip says:

    We’ve been meaning to try this place. Maybe I’ll sneak over there while Nicole is out of town. 🙂

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