Doritos Taco Bell Thing

Taco on the inside, Doritos on the outside

With their thinking caps located clearly outside of the bun and in the toilet, Taco Bell has once again concocted another novelty food item for Fresno to test. Remember the breakfast burritos? What an abomination those were. Fresno is the perfect test market for fast food experiments and the fast food industry has taken notice. I wonder how they choose their test markets. Here’s how I imagine it:

  • Does the city have thousands of morbidly obese? Check.
  • Does the city have more diabetics than anywhere else in the state? Check.
  • Do the citizens primarily eat at chain restaurants and fast food establishments? Check.
  • If the food contains ingredients they can’t spell or pronounce will they still eat it? Check.
  • Are they gullible enough to pay more for a taco with cheese dust on the shell? Check.
  • Will their local food bloggers buy them just to post a review and provide us with free advertising? Doh!

Please don’t take offense if any of the questions above apply to you. I’m not one to talk. My blood pressure is on the high side and I’m one symptom away from having metabolic syndrome.

This time Taco Bell gives us the Nacho Cheese Doritos shell, loaded with taco meat filling. That’s right. Same old taco everyone is used to but the shell tastes like Nacho Cheese Doritos. All this can be yours for thirty cents more. You can even order it supreme with a big load of sour cream unevenly distributed in the middle of the shell.

An orange taco shell just looks wrong

So did the nacho cheese shell pack a cheesy punch? Actually, not only does it feel just plain wrong eating a taco with an orange shell, the cheese flavor didn’t even come through. I’d say for every three bites I tasted the cheese.

But my opinion really doesn’t matter here. According to extensive research I completed (interviewing the 19-year-old drive-thru employee) people have been ordering them by the dozen, happily paying the extra cost. So even though better options exist, such as La Elegante, La Carreta, or nearly any other locally owned authentic taco spot in the valley, people will continue to buy them and they’ll probably go national. The people have spoken.

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