Eureka Burger? Only If You Eat Fast

My Saturday night experience at Eureka Burger went something like this:

Me: Where should we eat?

Friend: Eureka Burger?

Me: Yeah okay cool. I’ve never been.

Friend:  I’ll call ahead and see if they take reservations.

*Ring Ring*

Eureka:  No we don’t take reservations.

Friend: Oh well.  We’ll see you there Chuck.

*An hour later*  *Ring Ring*

Friend:  Chuck, I just got here and it’s busy but there’s a table available.  They said if we could finish eating within an hour we can sit there.

Me:  Can we finish eating within an hour?  Huh?  Is Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut there?  Adam Richman?  Burger challenge?

Friend:  No.  The table available is reserved for a group.

Me: I thought they didn’t take reservations.  Hmm?

We chose not to sit in the reserved table.  The last thing I wanted to do was have to get up, move my kid, move my food, and then get re-settled in case the other party showed.

Moments later we were seated in a section not quite adequate for four adults and two infants, but we survived.  When the hostess was leading our party to the table I noticed her manager shaking his head, either because he knew we wouldn’t fit or thought the hostess was a dingbat.  Probably both.

This was such an odd experience.  I’m still confused whether they take reservations or call a heads.  Apparently for some people they do.  We didn’t get a good explanation, not that we’re entitled to one, but it leaves a bad impression to say the least.

So what happened with the reserved table?  Did anyone take the one hour challenge?  One family did.  The sad part is one member of their party appeared to be disabled and walked with a cane.  When the time limit was up they were forced to move, mid meal, so Eureka could reorganize the table for the party being seated.  What a joke.  For the record, we all finished eating, even the family that was forced to move, long before the other party arrived.  They still were nowhere in sight even after we loaded into our car.

Oh yeah what about the food?  The Fig Burger had a nice fig spread on it and the bun was good.  The patty could have used an injection of juice and the fries some hydration, but overall I appreciated the creativity of the fig burger.  Go there if you can eat fast.

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8 Responses to Eureka Burger? Only If You Eat Fast

  1. Robert says:

    I gavr visited more than a few times. For he majority, I have gotten the same waitress and the service was right on. A few others I got someone different and recieved not so great service. Service can actually affect the enjoyment of food. Most times the hamburgers were pretty decent, while others not so.

    Fries or Onion rings – decent. Sweet Potatoe Fries – Not so great.

    Pear and Goat cheese Salad, Steak Salad and Lettuce wraps – Pretty good.

  2. Ah yes, the food became a commodity because of the experience of musical chairs and an inexperienced greeter/seater. There is no information about group seating or reservations on their website or FB account. I believe you are entitled to a reasonable understanding of the reservation policy. If it means 6-8 people or more get one and under that FC,FS.

    It’s experiences such as this that make one want to drive through In N’ Out or call in the order for take-out. Or just simply get some Chinese food.

  3. CadillacKing3 says:

    If you went on Friday the 11th. Eureka Burger had a special event occurring for Fresno Bully Rescue. That may have been the problem. Normally it is not that crazy in there.

  4. Natali says:

    Hubs and I went to Eureka for date night over the weekend. We were pretty excited about it, because we’d really enjoyed the food, though I’d had questionable service 3 of the 5 times I’ve been. Unfortunately, Saturday night made 4 out of 6 times. We were asked how we wanted our burgers cooked, hubs said medium-rare, I said medium, and what we got were two charred hockey pucks thoroughly blackened on the outside and gray and dry inside. I’m doing Weight Watchers and had eaten like a bird and saved my weekly points for the meal. What a waste. I couldn’t even finish my burger. $42 for two burnt burgers, one beer and one cider. Other low points of the evening: seeing the manager have to ask the hostess to actually look up and interact with the party ahead of us and us who’d been waiting at her podium for several minutes, ungreeted, seeing the same hostess get asked whether a party was still going to be getting a table, seeing as 3 parties had been seated that had came in after them, and they’d been waiting at the bar, as per her suggestion, also being asked whether we wanted to wait at the bar- when there wasn’t a single empty spot there either, our table had no silverware or napkins and upon requesting napkins we were treated as though we’d hugely inconvenienced the busser. Next time I think we’ll just go to Habit Burger or Five Guys for half the price.

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