Phoenician Garden

I tried in vain to think of something clever to say about how most Mediterranean restaurants tend to overcook their chicken, but couldn’t.  Maybe I’m tired.  Or maybe I’m just happy to find one that doesn’t.

Phoenician Garden takes your average chicken kebob, throws a bunch of spices on it, and then serves it with a great garlic sauce that’s guaranteed to scare away your friends for a few days.  The spicy chicken plate is definitely not overcooked and is always a reliable option.  Not to be overlooked is the perfectly cooked pilaf.  I just wish they would get rid of those lousy vegetables.

Phoenician Garden on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Phoenician Garden

  1. When my boss found out I’d never been, she ordered Phoenician Garden for our next lunch meeting. On your recommendation, I got the Spicy Chicken. LOVED it. Thanks!

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