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Burger King Delivering “Fresh” Food

According to the Los Angeles Times, Burger King is testing delivery of their nasty food. I imagine this will be a huge success for all sorts of people… that like gross food and have zero motivation to accomplish anything in … Continue reading

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Paula Dean Has Type Butter Diabetes

The news hit the Internet today that Paula Dean has type-II diabetes. Shocker of all shockers. Did this really need an announcement? Is anyone surprised? I’m sure all of my readers would simply be stunned to find out that Fresno … Continue reading

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The Honey Badger Don’t Care and Neither Does Kijima

Kijima is like the honey badger.  They don’t care.  They don’t care if your urinal is shaped like Steven Tyler’s mouth.  They don’t care about your fancy crucifix jean pockets.  They don’t care about your expensive tile floors and granite … Continue reading

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