Paula Dean Has Type Butter Diabetes

The news hit the Internet today that Paula Dean has type-II diabetes. Shocker of all shockers. Did this really need an announcement? Is anyone surprised? I’m sure all of my readers would simply be stunned to find out that Fresno Bites has a little bit of a weight problem (said in my Chris Farley voice) as well.

When every recipe calls for 15 pounds of butter, deep-fried in lard, crusted in fruity pebbles, topped with sugar, and then chased with a sweet tea, are we really supposed to expect anything different? Like I said, I’m not one to talk and this is a serious subject, but as the article explains, Mrs. Dean has had diabetes for over three years. It’s not like this is something new.

Of course, this announcement coincidentally is connected with her endorsement (cha-ching) of a drug company that treats the disease with expensive pills.

That’s not the only gem in the article too. Like the fact that Paula always eat in moderation. Yeah and so do I. Can’t you tell. The other zinger is the statement that diabetes is like “russian roulette”. That might be true for some but if you’re eating chicken fried steak like there’s no tomorrow you’re pretty much playing with a fully loaded revolver.

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4 Responses to Paula Dean Has Type Butter Diabetes

  1. thenerdmom says:

    I know that these things have a bit of earned entry but I am still sorry for her. I know that I jokingly talk about how obvious it is that I like to cook and that I earned every pound. I have luckily dodged the bullet!

    A side note, it can’t be a coincidence that Paula Deen’s youngest has released a cookbook that is a lighter version of traditional fare.

    • fresnobites says:

      Thanks for the comment Nerdmom. It is kind of sad that she has the “sugar”. I don’t think it’s funny at all, other than her commentary on how she got it and the whole endorsement deal.

      You’re right though, her entire family is milking this gravy train all the way to the bank.

  2. @dollgina says:

    I swear, just a couple of days ago, I said to someone, “Of course Paula Deen’s food tastes good! Each dish is made with 42 lbs of butter, 22 eggs, and 12 lbs of sugar! That would taste good to anyone!”

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