Burger King Delivering “Fresh” Food

According to the Los Angeles Times, Burger King is testing delivery of their nasty food. I imagine this will be a huge success for all sorts of people… that like gross food and have zero motivation to accomplish anything in life.

Just imagine waking up at noon, launching your trusty Burger King app, ordering two double whoppers with cheese and a bag of fries, all before doing anything productive.  That’s what I call a win win.

I know what you’re thinking though, “How will they that keep that goodness hot?”  The greatest quote in the article is from the spokeswoman at Burger King.  She says that new packing will keep the food “hot & fresh”.  Since when is anything at Burger King fresh?

What irks me the most, why didn’t they make Fresno the test market? Taco Bell sure likes us.


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5 Responses to Burger King Delivering “Fresh” Food

  1. JJJ says:

    I ordered Mcdonalds delivery in Brazil, because, you know, why not? They even brought a drink (in the standard cardboard) and an ice cream sundae.

    The hot stuff was hot, the cold stuff was cold. I was impressed.

    • fresnobites says:

      I get what you’re saying. I just won’t eat at a BK anytime soon. For a ten dollar minimum order, I can think of wayyyyyyy better options than fast food.

      • JJJ says:

        I ordered it for the novelty, and because I wanted to get a sundae delivered. Would I do it again? Maybe if I was too sick to leave the house, and yet oddly enough, had a craving for fast food burgers. Not an all-too common combination.

        From what I remember, there was no order minimum, and tipping was not expected (in fact, they ask you how youll pay before hand (ie, a $10) and the driver hands over a bag that has had the change precounted.

  2. Gerry says:

    I’m not a psychic, but I have a premonition that their experiment will fail miserably. In the off chance they succeed though, and revolutionize the industry by forcing competitors to start delivering as well, imagine the possibility of In-n-Out brought to your door.

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