Pat E. Wackers

Post Super Bowl I thought I would go at least one day on a food detox. By lunch I still had about a half pound of rib-eye left to digest. Then I realized that was a horrible idea. I made my way down to Pat E. Wackers, a newly opened burger joint that replaces The Cheese Steak Shop and some nasty Mexican restaurant that closed. Bethany Clough wrote a nice article recently documenting the owners background and the meaning behind the ridiculous name. It’s nice to have a great background story and all, but in the long run it’s all about the burger.

I wanted a bacon cheeseburger but didn’t see one on the menu. My mistake. I was informed to order the “Wacker” burger, “Mobbed Up”. Apparently mobsters used to eat bacon, which costs a buck extra (avocado spread, grilled mushrooms, and chili are also a dollar extra, EACH!). No big deal. Here’s the lowdown:


Fresh patty grilled to order with a nice crust
French fries perfectly cooked in peanut oil
Minimal produce


Patty was bland and sort of rubbery
Cheese wasn’t melted (rookie mistake)
Bacon was flavorful but hard to bite through
Fries weren’t salted, at all
9 bucks plus for a combo (I’d rather get Dari-Delite, Triangle or even In & Out, for the price)

I love to support local places and I’ll probably go back to try something else (deep-fried hot dog), but the flavor needs to go up about 15 million notches in order for this combo to be worth 9 bucks. Maybe when the griddle gets some seasoning on it they’ll improve. Better yet, try throwing some seasoning on the patty itself. In the meantime, take down the lame slogans, “Come Get Wacked” and “I got my wack on”. Really?

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4 Responses to Pat E. Wackers

  1. Norm says:

    Yep. It was about the same for me. I would love to support a local but they need quality more than the theme.

  2. jenne says:

    My daughter tells me that an unexpectedly delicious old school burger (along with tasty meat on a stick for cheap) can be had on the Fulton Mall.. at one of those “chinese food, hamburger, donut” type places… don’t remember the name but its right on the mall…

  3. Miles says:

    Miles says:
    No one understands! And few have been around long enough to understand the taste of a true 1950’s tasting hamburger!
    I ate there as often as I could afford. I will truly miss it!!!
    The food is very comparable in taste, quality, and price to many fine establishments

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