Tako BBQ

There’s a new truck in town. This one isn’t too concerned about local organic (judging by the Kraft shredded cheddar cheese on every item) but they are concerned about flavor. Tako BBQ started rolling a few weeks ago and unless you’re living in an area with no Internet or newspapers, you’ve likely heard about them.

I scoped them out with some fellow foodies (fat people) and we all agreed the truck was worth finding and going back. They’re being added to the rotation.

I enjoyed the meats in all of the tacos as well as the sliders. One minor gripe was that the meat was somewhat indistinguishable under the humongous side salad served on top. I really couldn’t tell if I was eating the rib eye, pork or beef short-rib. It’s a very minor gripe because the salad is nicely dressed with Asian vinaigrette and the bulgogi marinade is awesome. The often overlooked and under appreciated corn tortillas were perfectly grilled.

The sliders were also pretty tasty but I’d recommend sticking with the tacos. If you do order them, ask for light spread because the mayo mixture was a little thick and heavy handed in proportion to the slider. While this wasn’t ideal it’s certainly fixable.

It’s nice to see Fresno getting some more local options and even a mobile one at that. Now if we can get @tastekitchen rolling maybe we can start a truck hop. You can follow Tako BBQ on Twitter for their daily stops and spot them for a few hours at the Friday farmers market at Manchester Mall.

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One Response to Tako BBQ

  1. eunhwa j says:

    takobbq all kind foods look like art something. .i really want to try it for luch..

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