Dizzy Pig Rub Review

When I first started barbecuing I would get all geeked up about experimenting with sauces and rubs. From time to time I still do some tinkering with rubs but as things get busier it’s nice to have an off-the-shelf product you can rely on that’s not full of MSG or high fructose corn syrup. Enter the The Dizzy Pig Rub Company.

Dizzy Pig has exploded on the BBQ scene recently and for good reason. Their products are fantastic. I personally know several people who use them, professionals and amateurs like me, and they all get great results. So when Dizzy Pig offered some free samples I was all over it.

For this cook I used two products: Dizzy Dust and Red Eye Express. Dizzy Dust is their all-around rub which fits very nicely with pork and the Red Eye is a coffee infused rub best suited for lamb and beef (it works for pork but is very bold). The Red Eye Express is on the left and Dizzy Dust on the right.

After the ribs soak in a brown sugar and salt bath they get rubbed down and go on the smoker.

The finished product. No sauce.

Blogger confession: I cooked them a little long but they were still juicy due to the brine solution.

Another blogger confession: The rub from Dizzy Pig packs a huge punch so you don’t need a lot. I over-seasoned my ribs but now you’ve learned from me and yours will be much better. Pro tip: For those locals wanting to buy it you can find it at HomeCrafters Spas and BBQ if you want to get cooking this weekend.

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2 Responses to Dizzy Pig Rub Review

  1. Randy m. says:

    Were in zip 35242 do you think we can get this rub?

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