Cereal Trip

Over the weekend I was tweeted by a local company, Cereal Trip, who’s opening a cereal restaurant. Yeah that’s right I said cereal. Like the kind you pour for breakfast when you’ve barely wiped away the eye boogers. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for someone to relieve me of this culinary burden.

It kind of reminds me of this Brian Reagan bit (give him a few seconds to get rolling).

For all the details visit the Beehive. Mike wrote a good article on it. Currently the menu board only shows cold cereal but what would interest me is a fantastic bowl of hot oatmeal. Not the packet crap but some honest to goodness clean you out oatmeal. Make it a specialty and load it with goodies.

This new local place got me thinking if there were other cereal joints across the country. Turns out there are a few out there. Cereality has a couple of locations and even offers franchises. They are located within a hospital, airport, and a Cold Stone Creamery. That’s a lot of foot traffic. Another cereal place is The Cereal Bowl. They also offer franchises. It makes me wonder just how much cereal needs to be sold to survive. I wish them the best. Judging by the Twitter response today I’m sure there will be a few cereal diehards there on opening day.


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One Response to Cereal Trip

  1. Corrie says:

    There was a cereal place in Berkeley called Moolicious that sold regular milk-and-cereal bowls and other cereal-related items. Sad. My guess is that Berkeley (at least not right by Cal’s campus) is not the best place for poor college students who would rather buy cereal and eat it for free in their dorms. They did have several options, but I never ate there myself, so I can’t really comment on the options or ingredient combinations. :/ I do love cereal though! I love oatmeal too! Mmmm… I actually heard that McDonald’s has good oatmeal, but I haven’t tried it yet ’cause I just make it at home and I never feel like having a hot breakfast when I’m at McDonald’s.

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