Good Times Cafe Clovis

Good Times Cafe (GTC) opened at Sierra Vista Mall this Friday. It took over the old Tacone location. I don’t expect anyone to remember Tacone because honestly it was pretty forgettable. So to help you out a bit, it’s located right next door to Maggie Moo’s. That’s the ice cream parlor that, oh wait, never mind. They’re closed too. Crap! Anyhow, when I heard they were opening I was pleasantly surprised. The dining scene in Clovis is especially dismal with the exception of a handful of restaurants.

GTC is run by a few restaurant veterans. The owners have a two locations already, Paso Robles and Visalia. The theme is based on the 1950’s drive-in era. If you want more details read the Bee’s article here.

The menu at GTC is pretty expansive but I knew exactly what I wanted. It was burger or bust. My reasoning on this, aside from always eating cheeseburgers, was that if they couldn’t cook a decent burger I really didn’t need to try anything else there.

Here’s the lowdown on the “Duke”: fresh beef patty shaped in-house (never from frozen beef per the owner), thick bacon with just enough salt, BBQ sauce, onion ring, double cheese (processed American but it’s a 50’s diner after all), all nestled nicely within a bun delivered from a bakery in San Luis Obispo. I don’t know what others expect from a diner burger but this was more than acceptable to me.

I didn’t care much for the fries but it’s really just a personal preference. Maybe if they had salted them immediately after frying they would swayed me. That was really my only gripe especially considering they just opened two days ago.

So unless something drastically changes between now and the next time I visit, I have no problems adding GTC to my burger rotation and neither should you.

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3 Responses to Good Times Cafe Clovis

  1. Kathy Mahan says:

    I tried it this weekend too. The service was really good, the owner was friendly and the food tasted good. I tried a chicken sandwich with the works and it was very tasty. I had fries and onion rings, and preferred the onion rings. I’ll definitely go back.

  2. julie says:

    Consistently GOOD…staff is friendly. It is great place to eat before or after a movie.

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