The Mike Oz Custom Taco

Who likes tacos? Raise your hand.

If your hand is in the air you can put it down now but you might want to listen up. It’s not everyday that you get to eat tacos created by the Fresno taco king himself, Mike Oz. Tonight I took advantage of a sneak preview (or two) of his super duper tacos, developed with the chef at Revolucion Tequila Bar & Cocina.

As you can see by the flier above, you have an opportunity to eat them yourself, with proceeds benefiting Children’s Hospital. More details here at the Beehive. I’m not at liberty to disclose all of the ingredients but just check out the picture below and you can probably guess what some of them are. The homemade tortillas are great and so was the rest of the taco.

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2 Responses to The Mike Oz Custom Taco

  1. Kmatusz says:

    Oh yeah! I heard his plug on this taco through his segment on the Sunday evening segment on 104.1
    Looking forward to trying it.

  2. Mike Oz says:

    Thanks for coming out to try it, Mr. Bites. Glad you enjoyed.
    Hope to see you again on Thursday

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