Main Street Footers

It’s appropriate that this guest post from the self proclaimed “Big Dog Bites”, comes Super Bowl Sunday morning, when Turlocks own Colin Kaepernick plays in the big game. Here’s hoping it’s a winner.

Photo Jan 29, 2 06 16 PM

The Kaepernick Special in honor of Turlock native and SF gunslinger QB Colin Kaepernick.

Sitting in one of my favorite joints last week, chowing down on a great hot dog, I see a woman with a professional looking camera, taking pictures of her food. I realized what she was photographing and thought I’d better get on with my story as well. Because my job has taken me up and down the highways the past thirty-two years, I’ve been able to enjoy a lot of good food. Last Tuesday was no exception as I was sitting at Main Street Footers in Turlock, having lunch.

You may have seen the picture already of the “Kaepernick Special” posted in the Fresno Bee in Friday’s Super Bowl Edition, however let me share a few additional thoughts. In checking out their menu, you’ll find a nice selection of choices for dogs, along with other items I’ve been sampling for about 10 years. I read comments posted by others on Yelp and I can’t figure out how, on average, some feel $3.00 is a lot for a hot dog. If you want cheap (you know where I’m going with this) you should got to Costco, but you’ll only get the Big Box hotdog and get it one way. If your tastes are more selective, then take the 99 to Turlock and go right on Main St. downtown and experience a foot long dog on a fresh bun, in a few short minutes from the time you order.

Lisa Wilson is the owner and the rest of her crew will do their doggone best (yes I said it) to make you feel welcome.

Another favorite of mine in the opposite direction is the Hometown Emporium in Exeter. Wonderful sandwiches that are freshly made and come with a pickle and a cookie. You only need to order a half sandwich, because they are that large, however if your really hungry, go for it. They are a bakery as well and all of their cookies are really , really good.  I personally enjoy trying locally owned eateries and you should try both of these. Stay tuned, I’m on the road daily.

Big Dog Bites

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