2013 Fresno Food Expo

“You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” — Wayne Gretzky

Don’t worry folks. Fresno Bites didn’t turn into one of those weird inspirational blogs that steals quotes from popular people. The quote above was one of many that comes to mind (or in my case is found via Google) when walking through the exhibitors at the Fresno Food Expo.

A few weeks back I was invited to attend the Fresno Food Expo media event. Several exhibitors were present sampling their creations. What I appreciate about most of them, even if I didn’t like them, was the fact that they were taking their shot. They had an idea, reared back their figurative hockey stick, and fired off a shot. Some hitting the net and others landing in an unlucky fans beer.

Here are a few that I liked. Not in any particular order.

Top O’ The Morn Farms

Photo Feb 28, 6 00 31 PM

Ok wait a minute Fresno Bites. They didn’t actually invent anything. Yeah I get that. But you should just taste their milk. The chocolate milk contains nearly 5 times the amount of chocolate than their competitors and doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners like High Fructose Corn Syrup. Oh and they deliver their milk to your doorstep in glass bottles from an old milk truck. If you go to the expo be sure to ask them to pour you a neapolitan. It’s a blend of their strawberry and chocolate milk. It was incredible.

Balakian Farms

Pictured Swiped from Fresno Food Expo Facebook

Pictured Swiped from Fresno Food Expo Facebook

Hands down one of the best canned sauces I’ve tasted. Balakian farms has been around for many years but recently the 4th generation owner and manager started canning jars of organic tomato sauce. The variety I sampled (please forgive me but I forgot the name) tasted so fresh I imagined there was no way it was from a jar. That’s really saying something about the quality. Check out this nice video from Meza Films spotlighting Balakian Farms. It tells a much better story than I can.

Salsa Sayula

Picture Swiped from Fresno Food Expo Facebook

Picture Swiped from Fresno Food Expo Facebook

I didn’t think the world had a need for hot sauce made from peanuts. But apparently someone at Jalisco Foods did. This was actually a pleasant surprise. As my wife can attest, I don’t handle spicy foods very well. Even the spicier blend of Salsa Sayula wasn’t overly hot and had a very balanced flavor. The owner was very excited about the product and really he should be. It was a hit for me.

These were just a few of the vendors I felt stood out. There were many more that I didn’t even get to try. If YOU want to try them, go buy them locally. Or… check them out at the Fresno Food Expo. It’s happening this Thursday the 14th at 5:00pm. More details can be found on their site.

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One Response to 2013 Fresno Food Expo

  1. fresnofoodchick says:

    My faves were the almond water, the raspberry sangria, the balsamic glazed, the apple pie moonshine, and the cake batter vodka…

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