Teriyaki Sauce Drought

Apparently the water drought in California pales in comparison to the teriyaki sauce drought being faced by Californians, specifically those dining at Mika’s. Generally speaking they have decent Japanese food, but I found the ratio of food to teriyaki sauce to be a little bit ridiculous.

I ordered the chicken teriyaki plate which consists of two boneless chicken thighs, a mound of rice, and some tempura.

Please keep in kind I am not one to pile on inordinate amounts of sauce on my food, but the paltry amount of sauce served standard with their chicken plate is cause for concern. I believe the measuring tool being deployed is a thimble?

I realize this is simply a way to control cost because some choose to be wasteful, but really, would it hurt to give me more than a teaspoon? For the record, the owner was more than happy to provide more upon request so there is no need to BYOT.

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