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The lost art of pan fried noodles

It may seem like a small matter to some, but perfect pan fried noodles are hard to come by these days. I’m not really sure why this is so difficult to execute. Even one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in … Continue reading

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Good Times Cafe Clovis

Good Times Cafe (GTC) opened at Sierra Vista Mall this Friday. It took over the old Tacone location. I don’t expect anyone to remember Tacone because honestly it was pretty forgettable. So to help you out a bit, it’s located … Continue reading

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Dizzy Pig Rub Review

When I first started barbecuing I would get all geeked up about experimenting with sauces and rubs. From time to time I still do some tinkering with rubs but as things get busier it’s nice to have an off-the-shelf product … Continue reading

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Pat E. Wackers

Post Super Bowl I thought I would go at least one day on a food detox. By lunch I still had about a half pound of rib-eye left to digest. Then I realized that was a horrible idea. I made … Continue reading

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Paula Dean Has Type Butter Diabetes

The news hit the Internet today that Paula Dean has type-II diabetes. Shocker of all shockers. Did this really need an announcement? Is anyone surprised? I’m sure all of my readers would simply be stunned to find out that Fresno … Continue reading

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Downtown Eats: Keith’s Boxcar Cafe

I think I might have discovered a potential dive to add to the Fresno Bites rotation.  Keith’s Boxcar Cafe opened around a month ago with little to no fanfare.  Apparently this building in Fresno’s downtown industrial district has changed hands … Continue reading

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Doritos Taco Bell Thing

With their thinking caps located clearly outside of the bun and in the toilet, Taco Bell has once again concocted another novelty food item for Fresno to test. Remember the breakfast burritos? What an abomination those were. Fresno is the … Continue reading

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